Robin LaMonte, Influencers of Midlife

Please join me in discussing a very exciting conference taking place Sept 28 – Oct 01 in Vegas – Influencers of Midlife Summit!

Ladies (and gentlemen), this is for those of us mid-life and beyond, talking about everything from money management to health, divorce, wills, new job opportunities, how to maximize social media and job trends, podcasting, AI, and more. I’ll be speaking with social media influencer and the creator of the Summit, Robin LaMonte, who will walk us through what’s going to be happening during this fun and
informative weekend. There’s already a panel of dynamic speakers in place, and I’ll be interviewing our Keynote Speaker – Cristina Ferrare, model, actress, author, and talk show host. And she’s got a LOT to share.

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Shannon Cohn, Director, “Below The Belt” film

Please welcome to our show Shannon Cohn, director of the #PBS documentary, “Below The Belt: The Last Health Taboo.”

The film talks about #endometriosis, which is often misdiagnosed in patients. The disease affects one in nine women who are often in extreme pain, discounted, and ultimately left with no answers.

In fact, can take years to diagnoses endometriosis, and the emotional and physical toll on patients is life-altering. Many can’t work, and often, endometriosis can lead to infertility.

The film follows the stories of four patients, each seeking answers to a painful problem. We will talk about identifying the causes, symptoms, and possible cures for endometriosis.

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Chris R. Vaccaro, Director IABF and Joe Quagliano, President

🇮🇹 Italians LOVE their baseball. Growing up, my parents gushed about #JoeDiMaggio, and now it’s #MikePiazza with my kids. So today, we welcome Joe Quagliano, president, and Chris Vaccaro, director, of the Italian American Baseball Foundation, doing a lot to merge young Italian ball players with baseball the U.S.

#IABF provides opportunities for youth development in baseball and softball, providing education and exposure to young players through clinics, coaching, and more. The foundation builds a pipeline of players from Italy to the U.S. by providing scholarships and showcases, supporting the Italian National Teams as American partners, and promoting baseball and softball players from high school to the Major League level.

These two have been committed to this cause since it started, and it stems from their love of baseball and all things Italian. Chris has been a successful media consultant and journalist, and Joe runs Mint Pros, providing VIP events primarily around baseball. And their love of the game is creating something special for the next round of ball players.

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Neferteri Plessy & Cole Patterson, Co-founders, Single Moms Planet

Please welcome to #DeborahKobyltLIVE, two women who are literally transforming the lives of single moms, and making a HUGE difference by helping women get educated, trained, and marketable for work and career.

Neferteri Plessy and Cole Patterson co-founded Single Moms Planet, which promotes independence and financial success through education. Did you know, 4 out of 10 children are living in single parent households, and that has an effect on both kids and adults. But Single Moms Planet is making sure all of that changes, and they’re here to explain to us how we can be involved, too.

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Lisa L. Lewis, Author, “The Sleep-Deprived Teen”

Teens are experiencing record amounts of stress, and sleep can have a LOT to do with it. Please welcome to our show, Lisa L. Lewis, author, “The Sleep Deprived Teen,” an inside look at why our teenagers are so tired, and how parents and schools can help teens thrive.

We’ll be discussing the science of why sleep matters; how sleep affects mental health, academics, and athletic performance; we’ll talk about gender and sleep; technology and sleep, and much more.

The question is, how do teens get more sleep? Particularly when their bodies want to get to sleep later, and schools start early. We talk about all of that and more. It’s an important discussion, not just for teens, but parents, educators, and anyone interested in learning about what happens when we sleep and how we sort through our thoughts.

Please join our full interview on all video and audio platforms of #DeborahKobyltLIVE, and invite all friends, too. I’m your host, #DeborahZaraKobylt, someone who does NOT get enough sleep, often lost in my own thoughts! So please join us, there’s a lot to learn.

Terri Allen, Co-Founder, Angels of light Children’s foundation.

Please welcome to our show Terri Allen, co-founder of Angels of Light Children’s Foundation, a non-profit that provides children, teachers, parents, and professionals with effective “mindfulness” techniques for the whole child.

Currently, children worldwide are exposed to enormous stress that many adults find too challenging to process. The mission of the Foundation is to help children develop the skills to nurture wellness from within to make solid choices for themselves. She hopes to incorporate this into schools, too.

Terri has co-written two books she’ll be speaking about, “My Magical Garden” and “My Magical Tree.” These are fun, interactive books where children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to make choices that feel comfortable to them. Her mindfulness programs are designed to help young people regulate emotions, manage stress, and any other challenges they may be facing. She talks about this, and how our society needs to better support mental health issues to combat anxiety, depression, anger, and so much more facing young people today.

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Nico Juber, Award-winning Composer

Please welcome to our show Nico Juber, award-winning composer and musical theater writer recently highlighted on the “2023 Women to Watch on Broadway” list, after making her Off-Broadway debut with “MILLENNIALS ARE KILLING MUSICALS,” which was an astounding success.

And Nico is on the move. Her musical WINNER, co-written with Joe Barros, is set to debut in the West End as part of The London Summer Music Theatre Academy later this summer. And she’s only just getting started.

Nico comes from a true legendary background. Her dad, Laurence Juber, is a musician whose work includes playing in the band, #Wings (yes, she’s met Paul McCartney, my personal idol), and her mom, Hope, an accomplished writer and actress whom I’ve had on my show. Nico’s grandfather, who is Hope’s dad, was Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of so many incredible shows from The Brady Bunch to Gillian’s Island. Let’s just say she’s learned from the best.

But it took some time for Nico to flourish, because cancer got in her way (she’s recovered), and she welcomed two children. But once got behind the piano again, she found her voice. She tells us about that, and also the nonprofit she created for cancer survivors called Thrive/Survive Los Angeles.

There’s a LOT to talk about, including the need for more women in leadership roles in theater, TV, and film. Please tune in to #DeborahKobyltLIVE on all video and audio podcast platforms, and invite your friends, too. I’m your host, #DeborahZaraKobylt. And a BIG shout out to my friends at the BRA Network, including Carry, Catherine, and Debra, who introduced me to Nico.

Scott Ryan, Author, Designer, and Publisher

Love Streisand? Then you must turn in to our show today, featuring Scott Ryan, author, designer, and publisher who joins us to to talk about his latest publication, “Barbra Streisand, The Music.”

This is a stunning book, filled with gorgeous photos and stories about each Streisand song, collaboration, and film she’s ever worked on. It’s a comprehensive look at one of the biggest female recording stars of a generation, her life, and journey as a woman in charge of her own work and career.

Scott will also be talking about his upcoming festival he’s producing in Beverly Hills about David Lynch, and discuss his two other books, “Lost Highway: The Fist Of Love,” and “Firewalk With Me: Your Laura Disappeared,” both based on the works of David Lynch.

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Dr. Greg Hammer, author, “Gain Without Pain”

Please welcome to our show Dr. Greg Hammer, physician, Stanford professor, and author, “Gain Without Pain,” a “happiness” handbook for health care professionals and the rest of us to learn valuable tools to guide us to our happy in life.

Happiness has a different meaning for all of us, and Dr. Hammer first talks about GAIN – Gratitude, Acceptance, Intention, Non-Judgement, and how to begin each day with this in mind. It might sound cliche, but it’s not. Being grateful, meditating, sleeping, exercise, and setting aside time each day to do it, matters. It’s about setting a routine and sticking with it, and we talk about how to get motivated to do that. And there’s more.

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Joan Ranquet, author, “Communication With All Life”

Please welcome #JoanRanquet, author, “Communication With All Life,” who is also a world-renowned animal communicator, helping clients understand animal behaviors and create deeper connections with all animals from birds to horses, cats and dogs.

Joan uses telepathy to communicate with animals, and share with families what animals are picking up and also explain animal behaviors. In our interview, we’ll talk about decoding animal feelings, lessons learned from animals, family dynamics, animal energy and so much more.

Please join us for this wonderful conversation, and DM me me with any questions you’d like to ask. Thanks for joining us on #DeborahKobyltLIVE. I’m your host, #DeborahZaraKobylt.

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