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I was born in New Jersey to a very colorful, loving Italian family. I’ve always been interested in a person’s backstory, and would interview friends and relatives about everything from where they come from, what they dream about, and how to make meatballs.

I was also a competitive figure skater and swimmer, and if I wasn’t involved in sports, I would spend Sunday afternoons on my dining room table writing about the latest news in school, around the neighborhood, or at home. I also loved dancing, music, and art, and was obsessed with Leonardo DiVinci.

Naturally, this curiosity let me to a career in journalism, writing for local newspapers, eventually landing my first TV job as a reporter and anchor in Atlantic City, NJ, covering crime, casinos, movie stars, and gangsters. I also worked at PBS station WNET/NJN in NY/NJ, and News 12 Long Island, before moving to LA for my husband’s radio job, and ultimately mine on TV.

I landed at KCAL9 News, then Fox11 LA, and CNN, covering LIVE breaking stories, entertainment, business, and sports. I reported on everything from trials (including OJ), movie premiers, fires, floods, celebrities, you name it.

To me, being a journalist is about informing the community, and I’ve always considered it a privilege and responsibility. I love the people in this business, and many of my colleagues remain my closest friends.

After taking time off to raise my three boys, I was ready to get back to work, but decided to put aside breaking news for long-form interviews and stories with social impact. So I created two livestream audio/video podcasts: Deborah Kobylt LIVE and The Little Italy Podcast, interviewing guests from every walk of life around the globe. Creating and hosting my own shows have also given me the opportunity to build sponsorships and connect with so many wonderful people. Now, I’ve expanded my work to public speaking, hosting film and book festivals, conferences, and more. I’ve also built a niche media training business where I help individuals present their best selves.

Along my journey, I’ve dabbled in acting, so you can find me in the final Nightmare On Elm Street movie. I also perform at the local comedy clubs throughout LA, where I’m testing out material for a book I’m writing. I enjoy travel, the beach, biking, and hiking, and I completed the LA and NY Marathons.

So here I am, the girl from New Jersey living in California, never leaving far behind my Italian roots and the values that formed me into who I am today. Thanks for tuning in and being a part of my story.


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