Marianna Gatto, Taste of Italy & Founder,Italian American Museum of Los Angeles

Taste of Italy is back! Join us in DTLA on Sept. 23 for THE premiere Italian Food and Wine event in Los Angeles, featuring award-winning restaurants & wineries, fantastic LIVE entertainment, and some celeb guests, too! This is on of my favorite events in LA all year!

Today, we speak with Taste of Italy creator and founder of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, Marianna Gatto, telling us all about this upscale food and wine tasting event, which also benefits arts and educational programming for youth at #IAMLA.

According to Marianna, #TasteOfItaly provides an opportunity to connect with some of SoCal’s most interesting, well-traveled, cross-cultural audiences, including philanthropists, celebs, influencers, and dignitaries. Not to mention some of the top restaurants and award-winning wines in the world. Tickets available at

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Chris R. Vaccaro, Director IABF and Joe Quagliano, President

🇮🇹 Italians LOVE their baseball. Growing up, my parents gushed about #JoeDiMaggio, and now it’s #MikePiazza with my kids. So today, we welcome Joe Quagliano, president, and Chris Vaccaro, director, of the Italian American Baseball Foundation, doing a lot to merge young Italian ball players with baseball the U.S.

#IABF provides opportunities for youth development in baseball and softball, providing education and exposure to young players through clinics, coaching, and more. The foundation builds a pipeline of players from Italy to the U.S. by providing scholarships and showcases, supporting the Italian National Teams as American partners, and promoting baseball and softball players from high school to the Major League level.

These two have been committed to this cause since it started, and it stems from their love of baseball and all things Italian. Chris has been a successful media consultant and journalist, and Joe runs Mint Pros, providing VIP events primarily around baseball. And their love of the game is creating something special for the next round of ball players.

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Robert Alegrinni, NIAF’s President

Please give a warm welcome to Robert Allegrini, the distinguished president of the National Italian American Foundation, which does tremendous work preserving and highlighting the image and legacy of Italian Americans (for which I am one). Robert joins our #LittleItalyPodcast and #LittleItalyOfLAPodcast to discuss NIAF’s mission for the Italian-American Community throughout the U.S. and beyond, and it’s very forward-thinking and exciting.

As Robert describes, one of the main goals of NIAF is to strengthen ties between the United States and Italy by reflecting positive images of Italians in business, film, politics, and more. NIAF also provides grants and scholarships, travel opportunities to Italy particularly to first-time visitors, called Voyage of Discovery, there’s a NIAF museum, GALA events to raise money for education and cultural initiatives. And Robert is here to tell us the vision of NIAF moving forward in a changing world, but the one constant remains preserving our cultural heritage and encouraging the next generation of Italians to carry the torch.

NIAF does so much, and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Robert so he can tell you all about it. As an aside, Robert has enjoyed an incredible career in public relations and marketing with some of the top hotel brands in the world (Waldorf Astoria for one), he’s an author, and let’s just say this isn’t his first time with NIAF. He’s been a champion for so long, it’s only fitting he’s now President🇮🇹

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Lorenza Calamandrei, DJ, Music Producer, Composer

Lorenza Calamandrei is known around the world as one of the most creative DJ’s, music producers, and songwriters of our time, and it’s so exciting to welcome her to our shows today.

Born in Florence to a family of trapeze artists, artists, and even a priest, Lorenza recalls her dad reading philosophy to her at a young age. And she always recalls loving music. She started in Italy as the first female DJ, made her way to London and played in clubs like Met Bar, then to NY and eventually LA. She’s worked with everyone from Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Madonna, Beyoncé, and even Elton John’s birthday bash! Lots of stories there!

As a resident of Los Angeles now, Lorenza has appeared on numerous TV shows, and spends much of her time producing original music of a variety of films, most recently Seven Women with Fran Drescher and Rosita Missoni, Maia with Rumer Willis, and Un Italiano Nel Mondo with Giuliano Gemma.

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Annalisa / Inanna, Singer, Co-Founder of Better Earth Media, Author of Acrotopia

Please welcome Annalisa Giolo, aka Inanna, who joins our show today to talk about how her singing and songwriting is completely inspired by what’s happening here on earth.

Inanna was born and raised in Italy, decided to make LA her home after she did a house swap and fell in love with Southern California, which inspired her songwriting and performing.

As a nature and animal rights advocate, and founder of Better Earth Media, she uses her platform as an artist to draw attention to our environment and now we can keep it from blowing up.

As an Italian having grown up just outside of Venice, Inanna says music, dance, and nature were always a constant as a child, and she talks about growing up Italian, too, and how that has inspired her work.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Joe Farruggio

Please welcome to our show famed pizza maker, entrepreneur, restauranteur, and author, Joe Farruggio, whose pizzas in the Georgetown section of DC are a favorite with some very famous residents in the White House to movie stars like Harrison Ford (who also played a U.S. President in one of his films).

Joe’s journey from Sicily is a story to be told, and he did just that in his book, “My Name Is Joe, And I Am A Pizza Man.” This is a terrific read about a man not shy to admit some mistakes, but also celebrate how each step led to his tremendous success, from his Il Canale and 90 Second restaurants, along with A Modo Mio, meaning “My Way,” and Joe wouldn’t have it any other way.

We speak with Joe about family, belief in self, and keeping things simple to keep customers coming back. We also talk about his Italian upbringing and his trip on the Michelangelo ship from Italy was a life changing moment for him.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Joe Tutino

On our #LittleItalyPodcast today, we speak with the longtime play-by-play voice of The Galaxy, Joe Tutino.

Joe grew up in San Diego, the son of Italian immigrant parents. He played soccer as a kid, and realized the way to stay in the sport was to become an announcer. And that’s just what he did, taking a number of radio and writing jobs along the way. But in this business, that’s what you do. Jobs where you get them, take the opportunity, get better, get noticed. And Joe has definitely been noticed.

We speak with Joe about his Italian upbringing, and the influences it had on his life growing up. We also talk about sports, discipline, and what it takes to get in the business.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Gino Gaudio, Fabrizio and Alessandro Nucci

We are honored to present the story of Gaetano “Tony“ Gaudio, the first Italian to have won an Academy Award. His life and work are remarkable, and today we welcome Gino Gaudio, president of the Tony Gaudio Foundation, and brothers Fabrizio & Alessandro Nucci, filmmakers from Italy, in Los Angeles to shoot the film about Tony’s life called, “The Lost Oscar.”

The film documents the extraordinary life of this talented cinematographer, who won the Oscar for his work in 1937. Yet the famed statue is no where to be found, hence the title of the film.

This is a fascinating look into the life of this talented man, born in Cosenza, Italy, where he was recently memorialized for his life’s work, which left a profound mark on this beautiful village, as well as breaking ground in all aspects of cinematography here in America.

Hear about Tony’s upbringing and fast rise in the world of cinematography, catching the eye of Hollywood and working with some of the greats of his time, from Bette Davis to Greta Garbo, and top directors such as Howard Hughes. In a word, Tony Gaudio is a legend.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Michele Palermo

Michele Palermo was always a creative kid, dating back to her early years in Rome, and she joins us today to talk about her award-winning series, “Middlehood,” which celebrates the comedy and drama of being in the MIDDLE of everything, especially mid-life.

Michele has had an incredible life and career, working with so many industry giants from Martha Stewart, Peter Horton, and she currently teaches TV writing at Columbia University, too.

In our discussion with Michele, she tells us why she wrote this amazing series, during covid, and how her personal experiences with parents, aging, job changes, and relationships really hits home with anyone who’s seen the series, expected out soon to a streaming service near you, we’re just keeping it under wraps for now! Michele also talks about her Italian upbringing and how it’s played a huge role in her life and on the pages of Middlehood, too.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Bernard Beitman, M.D

Ever wonder why you’ll pick up the phone to call a friend and that same friend was literally about to call you? Or you’re on the subway, and you keep spotting the same person?

Please join us today in conversation with Dr. Bernard Beitman, who wrote the book, “Meaningful Coincidences, How and Why Synchronicity and Serendipity Happen.” The book is a fascinating read about coincidences, what they mean to us, and the bigger picture in life and the universe. Dr. Beitman has spent his career researching coincidences, and what he’s discovered will make you question if what happens in life is a coincidence or part of a bigger plan.

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