Deborah Kobylt LIVE: John, Pat and Rossella,Hosts of the Italian American Podcast.

In the Italian tradition, we promote out own, so please join me in welcoming John M. Viola, Rossella Rago, and Patrick O’Boyle of the Italian American Podcast, whose mission is similar to ours, bringing together extraordinary stories from Italians past and present. I’m your host, #DeborahZaraKobylt, of our #LittleItalyOfLA Podcast.

Their show started back East, but they recently visited our #LittleItaly district in San Pedro to highlight what
we’re doing on this side of the country. here. In fact, part of their mission is to learn about Italians from all
around the U.S., and they join me to talk about that, their early influences growing up Italian, the future of Italian American culture in the states.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Amy Riolo

Please welcome award-winning author, chef, TV-personality, and Mediterranean- diet guru #AmyRiolo to our #LittleItalyOfLA Podcast
Amy is best known for sharing history, culture, and nutrition through global cuisine. She enjoys changing the way we think about food, and exploring the history behind each dish, particularly of her Italian origins. As a “culinary anthropologist,” Amy has appeared on network and syndicates TV programs from the U.S. to Dhabi, and she’s created 90-second cooking videos titled “Culture of Cuisine,” which on 28-channels throughout the
U.S. Her seventh book, “The Italian Diabetes Cookbook,” was the #1 new release on
Here’s a clip from our show with Amy, who likes to talk about her early years and her primary culinary
influences. For our full interview, please join us on IGTV and all Little Italy of LA and #DeborahKobyltLIVE
podcast platforms. Ciao

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Clara Woods & Bettina Genovesi

Please welcome to our show #Clara Woods, a much sought-after Italian artist.

Clara cannot speak, she has difficulty reading and writing, yet she understands three languages and speaks beautifully through painting. She and her family recently moved to Southern California from Italy so she could better focus on her painting while attending high school.

Clara will be joined by her mom, Betina Genovisi, who will also discuss the Clara Woods Foundation, giving hope to people with challenges, and encourages others to put aside their prejudices and create opportunities for all people. In addition, we will discuss the books by Clara, which explore her journey as an artist.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Steve Tyrell

Pinch me, because #Grammy award-winning producer and vocalist #SteveTyrell is in the house, joining me on our Little Italy of LA and Deborah Kobylt LIVE podcasts discussing his new CD, #ShadesOfRay, among other things.

Steve’s family is from Sicily, and we’ll be talking about his Italian roots on our show, where he reminisces about growing up in Houston, where he also first got the bug to perform. Steve has been in the music business nearly five decades, with 9 of his records reaching top 5 on the Billboard Jazz charts. His latest album, That Lovin’ Feeling, features classics written by some his long-time friends, such as the legendary Burt Bacharach, Neil Sedaka, Barry Mann and others.

He’s got so many incredible stories to share, from performing for Prince Charles in London (one of my favs) to his breakthrough performance, singing in film classic, #FatherOfTheBride. He recently performed at the Catalina Club in LA, has had a residency at the Carlyle in NY. In between performing, he now hosts a radio show, too.

Please enjoy our show, where Steve even sings a tune for us, too. #DeborahKobyltLIVE and #LittleItalyOfLA available on all video and audio platforms, hosted by #DeborahZaraKobylt

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Valentina Castelani Quinn

Please join me in welcoming Valentina Castellani Quinn, a filmmaker and philanthropist whose work has been making headlines globally. Valentina will be joining us from her home in Florence, where her family has owned the famed opera house there since the 1800’s.

Valentina has made a career for herself making impactful films that promote social awareness in society. She is currently working on the film, #Polo, about the courage and grit it takes to compete in the sport of kings, part of which will film in Dubai

She’s currently the global spokesperson for #JOBLIO, which provides solutions for immigrants throughout the world. In addition, Valentina will receive the Women Empowerment Award in Dubai later this year at the Women’s Global Conference, where Oprah will also be honored.

There’s more, from her films to meeting the Pope, and talking about her life with Francesco Quinn, who tragically died ten years ago near their home in Malibu.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Andrea Iervolino

Please welcome entrepreneur and filmmaker, Andrea Lervolino, born in Cassino, Italy, and who started selling websites in Italy at age 13, then hustled door-to-door at 15 to fund his first film. Now, Andrea leads two global companies, and his social media tech firm, TaTaTu, had the worlds third largest IPO at $575M.

Andrea’s film ventures include working with Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, and Selena Gomez, and he was recently named Top 10 Producers on the Hollywood 100 List. In addition, he hopes to be filming in space in the not too distant future, and recently launched the company, Space 11.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Alexandra & Matteo

Alex is from Whittier, California, and she met Matteo while traveling with her mom in Tuscany. They stopped at his family restaurant, Bellavista Impruneta – also the name of their hotel in the Tuscan Hills, and let’s just say love was in the sauce for these two. They fell in love, married, and decided to bring the culture, flavor, and lifestyle of Italy to Southern California.

They now have a thriving business cooking and entertaining for families, couples, and more, bringing the love of food and family into each home. And they stay late, too! I think you’ll love our segment, and in fact you might want to book for the holidays while you can, because their business has become a hit, Italian Style.

Please join us on all video and audio platforms of #LittleItalyOfLA and #DeborahKobyltLIVE. I’m proud of this show, which was developed and founded by me, #DeborahZaraKobylt, with help from some of the incredible members of our Little Italy community in LA. Thanks for tuning in.

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Barbara Locci

Need a get-a-way that feels like you’re in the Italian countryside yet is closer to home? Then meet Barbara Locci, owner
of the incredibly unique and relaxing Sardegna Ranch in San Diego on our Little Italy of LA Podcast.
Barbara is from the Italian island of Sardinia, and she fashioned her ranch much like her native island. Sardegna Ranch is
a stunning, 28-acre property along the Potrero Creek waterway, and has become has an “it spot” for those looking to relax
and unwind from the bustle of daily life.
The property has its own pond, bee-keeping area where Barbara to makes her own honey, and a brick oven for guests to
make their own pizzas. It’s like camping in Italy, yet way closer to home. And her ranch got glowing reviews from, calling it a relaxed, beautiful retreat in Southern California.
Please join me in welcoming Barbara, and hear how you can get a special discount just for listening, Italian style! View
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