Celia Stahr, Author, “Frida in America”

Please welcome to our show, professor and author Celia Stahr, who wrote this outstanding book, “Frida In America,” chronicling a young Frida Kahlo accompanying her husband, renowned artist Diego Rivera, to America for the first time. Frida wasn’t yet known for her artwork, and the three years she spent on American soil, namely San Francisco, Detroit, New York, inspired Frida to become the political activist and artist she was famous for.

We speak with Celia about Frida becoming politically and socially aware of American social circles, the divide between rich and poor, the cultural divide of white, black, and brown America, where women stood in the framework of this changing country, just a few years after given the right to vote, and much more. All of it helped to shape this 23-year-old woman’s view on the world and ultimately her art. It’s a well-documented, fascinating read.

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Robert Alegrinni, NIAF’s President

Please give a warm welcome to Robert Allegrini, the distinguished president of the National Italian American Foundation, which does tremendous work preserving and highlighting the image and legacy of Italian Americans (for which I am one). Robert joins our #LittleItalyPodcast and #LittleItalyOfLAPodcast to discuss NIAF’s mission for the Italian-American Community throughout the U.S. and beyond, and it’s very forward-thinking and exciting.

As Robert describes, one of the main goals of NIAF is to strengthen ties between the United States and Italy by reflecting positive images of Italians in business, film, politics, and more. NIAF also provides grants and scholarships, travel opportunities to Italy particularly to first-time visitors, called Voyage of Discovery, there’s a NIAF museum, GALA events to raise money for education and cultural initiatives. And Robert is here to tell us the vision of NIAF moving forward in a changing world, but the one constant remains preserving our cultural heritage and encouraging the next generation of Italians to carry the torch.

NIAF does so much, and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Robert so he can tell you all about it. As an aside, Robert has enjoyed an incredible career in public relations and marketing with some of the top hotel brands in the world (Waldorf Astoria for one), he’s an author, and let’s just say this isn’t his first time with NIAF. He’s been a champion for so long, it’s only fitting he’s now President🇮🇹

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Valorie Kondos Field, Author, “Life Is Short, DON’T WAIT to Dance”

Valorie Kondos Field is a true legend. As a former UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame Coach of 7 NCAA Championship Teams, she’s been responsible for shaping the gymnastics program there into not just winning, but teaching life skills that athletes have taken with them off the balance beam, too.

Valorie joins us today to speak about her hard-earned career, her life, and her magnificent book, “Life Is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance.” This book isn’t about winning, rather it’s about the one’s mindset, and how what’s in your head that fuels everything else. And by the way, Valorie was dancer, and NOT a gymnast when she snagged the coaching job at UCLA. We’ll ask her about that, too, along with so many other moments that have shaped her life, including lessons learned from her mentor, legendary basketball coach John Wooden. She talks about putting those lessons to the test when faced with some rough times, including her breast cancer diagnosis.

There’s a lot to cover, and a lot to learn from this maverick. Valorie is currently a successful life coach to some high powered individuals, well ask about that, too.

Join us LIVE at 10amPST, and invite your friends, too. Make SURE to pick up her book, it’s absolutely magnificent, and I’ve footnoted some of my favorite parts to talk with Valorie about as well.

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Randi Braun, author, “Something Major: The New Playbook For Women At Work”

Please welcome to our show, Randi Braun, author, “Something Major: The New Playbook For Women At Work,” which lays out the changing playing field for women to succeed at work.

Randi says the rules have changed for women, and she talks about ways to mentally prepare for leadership, and it starts with what’s going on in our heads. For example, ditch perfectionism, quiet your inner critic, listen to your intuition build boundaries, and rebounding from blow ups. It’s all part of the bigger plan, she says, and she teaches us how to navigate through the workforce like a pro.

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Lucy Broadbent, Author, What Would Ted Lasso Do?

Have you seen “Ted Lasso” on Apple TV+? Because if you didn’t, you MUST.

Meet Lisa Broadbent, journalist and author of this incredible clever book, “What Would Ted Lasso Do?” For those of you who don’t know Ted Lasso, here’s the skinny: he’s the lead character in the show, plays a football (soccer) coach in England, hired to actually fumble the job by the owner of the team looking to get back at her husband. But nothing seems to stick to Ted, who perseveres on with his positive attitude and “Believe” mantra that he uses to inspire the team.

Like a cleverly-disguised self-help guru, Ted is intent on motivating all of us, which he does. Lucy has taken this positive attitude a step further, and actually has used it in her real life by following his heart-warming philosophies. And guess what? These positive anecdotes have come in handy day-to-day, and she writes about how Ted’s world can actually brighten ours. For real.

Please join me in welcoming Lucy, and invite your friends, too. How refreshing to meet such a positive-thinking person, and I know Lucy and her book will have an effect on you, too. #DeborahZaraKobylt #DeborahKobyltLIVE