Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Frankie Imbergamo

You probably know his face, now let us introduce you to actor, producer and Food Network darling #FrankieImbergamo.

Perhaps best known for his roles DJ Stan Da Man), Chappaquiddick, and Vault, Frankie has also created a name for himself as a famous celeb chef from Boston’s Italian district, a Food Network Emeril LIVE top winner, and cookbook author. He joins us and shares some of his favorite recipes, in addition to his story growing up an Italian kid in the hood, and how his culture influenced him and his work. He’ll share about his close friendship with .#AdamSandler, and working with #JeffBridges, #SandraBullock, and the much-missed #BettyWhite.

What’s he most proud of? You’ll have to tune in to the show to find out. #LittleItalyOfLAPodcast is hosted and created by #DeborahZaraKobylt, reposted from #DeborahKobyltLIVE. Please invite your friends to listen, available on all podcast platforms. Thanks for tuning in🇮🇹

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Elisabetta Russo

Honored to welcome to the show today soprano #ElisabettaRusso, named Best Female Vocal at the Hollywood Music Awards 2011. But there’s much more.

Born in Bari, Elisabetta shares how her career that started when she was a young girl singing in local town piazzas, to coming to America and performing with the great #AndreaBocelli at Paramount Studios after an invitation from #DavidFoster. She says it wasn’t always easy coming from Italy and making a name for herself, but talent and perseverance prevailed, and now Elisabetta is considered one of the finest sopranos in modern times, having performed everywhere from Beverly Hills to Vegas, NY, and around the globe. Hear her full story, it is sure to inspire you.
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