Love MEAT? Well, Stuart Waldner joins our show today to talk about moving away from eating meat products not just for health, but for wealth. Keep reading, I’ll explain.

Stuart wrote “Escape The Meatrix” a well-researched account on how reducing meat in our diets can make our bodies and minds healthier, in addition to the earth, atmosphere, and health of other animals, too, which benefits the entire eco-system. Stuart also talks about how investing in plant-based diets can be fiscally sound as well. His mantra, “Eat Plants, Feel Great, Save The Planet.”

But this isn’t just another plant-based book, it’s based in science and research, in addition to HOW transition into plant foods can truly transform our health, possibly add years to our lives, and help stop the rapid decay of our climate issues. Stuart chronicles his own personal story as well, sort of a wake-up call after watching how unhealthy habits of friends and family consume their lives.

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Filmmaker Michel Shane didn’t envision himself as an activist, but circumstances in life brought him to a different place. The producer of “Catch Me If You Can” this time produced something even closer to his heart, “21 Miles In Malibu,” and Michel joins us today to talk about it.

The Pacific Coast Highway is a long, twisty, narrow stretch of road, it’s beautiful but it’s also dangerous. Michel knows all too well, because his beautiful daughter, Emily, was killed by a driver said to be on a murder mission. She was just 12.

In this film, Michel details the history of the 21 mile road that borders the Pacific Ocean, why it was built, and the history of the area and land long before a road was built there. It’s fascinating and well researched, and has gained the attention of the larger film community. The film will be shown at the Santa Barbara Film Festival this year.

The goal is to draw attention to how the PCH can be safer. And he details that in his film as well. Please join us for this wonderful conversation, and invite your friends along as well. Thanks, as always, for tuning in. #DeborahKobyltLIVE #DeborahZaraKobylt

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Gino Gaudio, Fabrizio and Alessandro Nucci

We are honored to present the story of Gaetano “Tony“ Gaudio, the first Italian to have won an Academy Award. His life and work are remarkable, and today we welcome Gino Gaudio, president of the Tony Gaudio Foundation, and brothers Fabrizio & Alessandro Nucci, filmmakers from Italy, in Los Angeles to shoot the film about Tony’s life called, “The Lost Oscar.”

The film documents the extraordinary life of this talented cinematographer, who won the Oscar for his work in 1937. Yet the famed statue is no where to be found, hence the title of the film.

This is a fascinating look into the life of this talented man, born in Cosenza, Italy, where he was recently memorialized for his life’s work, which left a profound mark on this beautiful village, as well as breaking ground in all aspects of cinematography here in America.

Hear about Tony’s upbringing and fast rise in the world of cinematography, catching the eye of Hollywood and working with some of the greats of his time, from Bette Davis to Greta Garbo, and top directors such as Howard Hughes. In a word, Tony Gaudio is a legend.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Michele Palermo

Michele Palermo was always a creative kid, dating back to her early years in Rome, and she joins us today to talk about her award-winning series, “Middlehood,” which celebrates the comedy and drama of being in the MIDDLE of everything, especially mid-life.

Michele has had an incredible life and career, working with so many industry giants from Martha Stewart, Peter Horton, and she currently teaches TV writing at Columbia University, too.

In our discussion with Michele, she tells us why she wrote this amazing series, during covid, and how her personal experiences with parents, aging, job changes, and relationships really hits home with anyone who’s seen the series, expected out soon to a streaming service near you, we’re just keeping it under wraps for now! Michele also talks about her Italian upbringing and how it’s played a huge role in her life and on the pages of Middlehood, too.

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