Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Beatrice Adenodi

Masks Off!

Many of us wear masks, whether we’re hiding from something or trying to fit in, and today, we speak with Beatrice Adenodi, author, “Mindless Behaviors, Breaking Through Unseen Barriers,” about some of the learned behaviors in our lives, how they keep us from moving forward, and how we can once and for all rip off the masks that are holding us back.

Beatrice says that because many of us are steeped in biases from a young age, we often mimic behaviors we see, which could keep us from moving forward. We discuss what “mindless behaviors” are, and how to work through them to live more productive lives.

Just wait until you hear her story. Beatrice is a storyteller, a sought-after business consultant and speaker, and a first-generation Nigerian American. She tapped into what was holding her back in her own life, and now shares how we can do the same.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Suzie Newell

Author Suzie Newell she grew up in a family of high achievers, many of whom struggled with drug addiction, as she did. But it was her sister’s overdose in 2017 that led her to re-focus her life and write, “The Path: Daily Direction For Ladies & Mothers, Witches & Others.”
Suzie is an anesthesiologist with a nursing background, and has her doctorate specializing in coping mechanisms for women. Her research took her into the world of neuroscience where she gained understanding into how mental health issues are related to dopamine and endorphins. Creating activities and mindsets that build these “feel good” hormones is the basis for this book.

The Path 365 demystifies the concepts of mind, body and spirit, so we can all create a path in our lives that is uniquely ours, and we discuss how in our interview.

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