Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Lorenzo Antonucci

Please welcome to our #LittleItalyOfLAPodcast actor, writer, producer Lorenzo Antonucci, heartthrob from “Days Of Our Lives,” and “Game of Thrones” in their eighth season.

Lorenzo always wanted to work in the acting business, but pursuing his dream wasn’t so easy because it just wasn’t what kids did in his neighborhood. Born in Brooklyn and raised on the streets in Queens, the idea of becoming an actor seemed so far away, until one day he decided to pack up and head to Los Angeles to make things happen.

Lorenzo joins us on our show to talk about taking chances in life, making a plan of action, and of course, he discusses how his Italian roots shaped him.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Andrea Landi

Welcome to our #LittleItalyOfLAPodcast, and we’re thrilled to welcome Andrea Landi to our show.

Andrea is president of Landi Renzo, USA. The company which is a global leader in manufacturing ecological engines for the auto industry. It was his grandfather who started the business in Italy, long before clean energy fashionable, but after his death, it was Andrea’s grandmother who brought the business international. Andrea learned everything from the ground up, working in Brazil, China, Iran and Pakistan to gain a global perspective.

He’s led a fascinating life, and joins us to talk about his Italian roots, business, and family life, in addition to serving on the board of our #LittleItalyOfLAAssociation. I hope you’ll join us, I’m your host, Deborah Zara Kobylt, also a proud board member of #LILAA.