Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Cyndi Dale

Deborah Zara Kobylt talks with Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author, speaker, energy healer, and the author of 27 books on energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality.
Cyndi has worked with over 70,000 clients and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops.
She has been trained in several different healing modalities, including shamanism, intuitive healing, energy healing, family of origin therapy, Therapeutic Touch, the Lakota Way, and faith healing.

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Dr. Joel Gould DDS

Deborah Zara Kobylt talks with Dr. Gould, who has been practicing Dentistry since 1991 in both Vancouver Canada, and Los Angeles California. His General and Cosmetic Dental Practices treat patients of all ages and offer a broad range of services. His articles focusing on organic preventive healthcare have been published in 52 countries around the world. He is author of the bestselling book “The Perfect Smile”, and the upcoming new book “The Modern Epidemic”. Dr. Gould is focused on treating chronic disease organically through nutrition and behavior in his groundbreaking “sleep restoration program”. As an alternative to CPAP therapy, he is focused on treating insomnia, snoring, bruxism (clenching and grinding) and obstructive sleep apnea with oral devices.

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia

Deborah Zara Kobylt talks with Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia on this week’s #LittleItalyOfLosAngelesPodcast.
The grandson of Umberto II, the last reigning king of Italy, who was deposed in 1946. Emanuele is an
entrepreneur, producer, writer, novelist and philanthropist, a former international banker and hedge fund manager, Emanuele Filiberto segued into entertainment initially as a soccer commentator, then other roles as a television host and presenter and he is active in charity through his Prince of Venice Foundation and
Emanuele Filiberto Charity Fund Foundation
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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Lisa Baker Morgan

Deborah Zara Kobylt talks with Lisa Baker Morgan, co-author of Homegrown Herb Garden (Quarry, 2014) and the author of Simple Pleasures: fifty-two weeks of turning ordinary ingredients into extraordinary moments (ciao yummy!, 2012). For many years, Morgan authored a travel and food blog,,and has written numerous guest articles for food websites and blogs.
She was featured in The Mothers of Reinvention (VanguardPress, 2012) as a mother who faced change in a positive way. Morgan has taken on humanitarian and philanthropic causes in the United States and internationally, including advocacy on behalf of adults and children who have endured childhood sexual assault and trauma

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Runningbear Ramirez

Join us as Deborah Zara Kobylt talks with Runningbear Ramirez a well-respected and renowned activist, philanthropist, fashion advisor.
Fueled by a passion for humanitarianism, #Runningbear divides his days between his philanthropic work and business endeavors.
For starters, he sits on the board Project Angel Food, where he recently launched his Native American Diabetes Pilot Program.
This program supplies medically tailored meals and nutrition counseling to Native Americans living with diabetes in Los Angeles County.
Runningbear is also involved with a myriad of other foundations like the American Red Cross and UCLA’s Taste for a Cure, to name two.

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Michael Cavalieri

On this week’s Little Italy of Los Angeles podcast, Deborah Zara Kobylt talks with, beloved actor Michael Cavalieri, who wrote and directed his latest film, Ritornato, which tells the emotional story of a man who loses his loved ones, and sets off on a journey to revisit his past and fulfill a promise made to his dying mother. The film is shot in Sicily, and was recently chosen for a grant by the National Italian American Foundation.
Based on true events, Ritornato is dedicated to Cavalieri’s mother, Mary, and his Grandpa Agatino, who sacrificed to give their family a better life. He hopes his film inspires other Italian Americans to write and share their stories.

We also talked with Michael about his esteemed acting career in film and television, including The Sopranos, The Next Karate Kid and more.

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Blake Lothian

Deborah Zara Kobylt talks with Blake Lothian, one of the best young drivers in the country. Blake started
go-karting at age five and in 2019 Blake joined the NASCAR Rev Racing Drive for Diversity Driver
Development program and moved one step closer to his goal of being a NASCAR cup driver. Blake will talking about lunching his RACE4CURE campaign.