Ann Potenza, Producer/Creator “The War of Roses” play, & Event Producer

Please welcome to our show my dear friend, Ann Potenza, who is bringing an exceptional play to life in Los Angeles for the upcoming Women’s History Month, called “The War of Roses – The Women. The Voices. The Vote.”

This is an important play that talks about the women suffragettes, and the play follows some of the most memorable names who were at the forefront to getting women out to vote. In fact, “The War Of Roses,” making its debut the El Portal Theatre in No.Hollywood on 3-1 and 3/2, is also encouraging all participants to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) that evening.

Ann is also a well-established Events Planner in Los Angeles, behind some of Hollywood’s most notorious events, starting with the San Gennaro festival she brought to LA a few years ago, along with her cousin, Jimmy Kimmel, exec producer Doug DeLuca, and other notable Italians. So we will also be talking with Ann about growing up Italian, some of her favorite traditions, hanging with Jimmy as kids, and where she sees the Italian community growing in the future. And it’s all Amore!

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Sally Fryer Dietz, PT & Author, “Sensory Processing Solutions”

Every child, teen, or adult interacts with the world in their own unique way, yet we’ve gotten to the point in our society where labels are commonplace and often people spend years at the doctor’s office looking for a solution to have they navigate in the world. And that can lead to misdiagnosis, and pills prescribed by health care professionals before other methods are considered. Think ADHD.

Please welcome to our show Sally Fryer Dietz, therapist and author, “Sensory Processing Solutions,” which talks about drug-free therapies to unlock your child’s protential. Sally writes from first-hand experience with her own son. She is not against drug therapies, but says there are ways to deal with processing issues that should be considered first, or in conjunction with prescribed drugs.
And we will talk all about that.

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Dawn Lafreeda, Largest female restaurant owner in America- EP Show Her The Money.

It takes GUTS to be a 16-year-old waitress at Denny’s and decide at age 23 that you were going to own the place. And that’s just what Dawn Lafreeda did. Cut to a few decades later, and Dawn is now the largest female-owned restaurant franchisee in the U.S., with 80 Denny’s in her portfolio.

But her road to success was not always paved with gold. Her early life was heart-wrenchingly difficult, but she decided to use that as fuel to become a success and earn enough money to control her life and destiny. And that’s exactly what she’s done.

Dawn is also the exec producer of the much-acclaimed documentary, “Show Her The Money,” which highlights four female entrepeneurs and their journey to securing venture capital money for their projects. Women get just two percent of the billions of dollars in venture capital funding. Dawn is on a mission to change that.

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Catherine Gray, Dawn Lafreeda, Sharon Gless, Show Her The Money Documentary

Sometimes, the stars fall in the right place, and our three guests are definitely using their platforms to do great things for women.

Award-winning actress Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey); Dawn Lafreeda, largest female-owned restaurant franchisee in America (Denny’s); and Catherine Gray, author, TedX speaker, & host of the Invest in Her Podcast. What do they have in common? They’re Executive Producers of the much acclaimed film, “Show Her The Money,” which follows four visionary women in their quest to find venture capital to support their business ideas and turn them into reality. And where did they get the money from? Women.

This film is knocking it out of the park at film festivals, getting up close and personal about the struggle for female entrepreneurs to secure venture capital. It also highlights women in finance with the muscle to turn these up and coming business gurus into billion-dollar empires.

We will speak with Sharon about her incredibly trailblazing career, and how she’s immersed herself into the world of women in business. Dawn’s story is incredible, hosting at a Denny’s in SoCal at age 16, and by 23, borrowing enough money on her credit cards to become an owner. She is the founder and CEO of Den-Tex Central, and owns more than 80 Denny’s in the U.S. And Catherine Gray, well, she’s a connector, TedX speaker, author, podcast host, and has put her heart into making sure women get their fair share at the business table. Currently, women get just two-percent of the billions of dollars in venture capital every year.

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