Theresa Cheung – UK Sunday Times Bestselling Spiritual Author

What are some of the craziest, wildest dreams you’ve had while you were sleeping? Have you ever wondered what they mean? Do you dream in color, do you laugh in your dreams, dream about a former lover, or are you being chased? It’s your brain processing information and sorting things out, and today, we speak with an expert who shows us how understand our dreams and what they actually are trying to tell us.

Please welcome to our show, Sunday Times best-selling author Theresa Cheung, who wrote, “The Dream Dictionary from A to Z,” which is like the bible on how to interpret your dreams, no matter how odd or strange. This book leaves nothing to the imagination, and literally explains the meaning behind every conceivable dream or scenario, such as, what is the significance of dreaming about your boss, or a particular animal, or how about the cashier at your local coffee shop? Your dreams are trying to tell you something, and this book will help you decipher what that might be. It’s all in here, from the meaning behind recurring dreams, sexual dreams, even telepathic dreams.

It’s a fascinating read, expertly researched by Theresa, who has written numerous books covering spiritual topics, parapsychology, personal growth, and more.

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Plastic Surgeon. Former Chief of Plastic Surgery at UCLA

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy, one of the premiere plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, highly regarded around the world for his mindful work helping individuals look and feel their best. We will speak with the doctor about some of the most sought-after procedures, and how far plastics have come from the days of looking pulled too tightly to now looking refreshed.

Dr. Lesavoy is the former chief of plastic surgery at UCLA, has been featured on Oprah, Discovery, and Extreme Makeover, and has authored three books on plastic surgery. He’s the gold standard, and he joins us to discuss the latest surgical techniques that include less down time, minimal scarring, and work so refined, that it no longer looks like a person had work done. He’s redefined the facelift, tummy tuck and so many other procedures, and he’ll guide us on questions to ask any surgeon before going under the knife, what to look for in a board-certified surgeon, and so many other critical questions patients should ask their doctors.

Dr. Lesavoy also has an interesting personal story to share about his childhood in Allentown, Pa. In addition, we will ask him about his work treating children with life-threatening and disfiguring conditions. Throughout his career, he has focused on empathy in medicine, and after speaking with him, I can say this is true. And we need more compassion in medicine, don’t we?

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John Kobylt, Radio Legend

Please welcome to our show, someone I know well, award-winning radio talk host John Kobylt, who has been half of the longest running talk team in the history of radio, The John and Ken Show. Now, John is flying solo with the John Kobylt Show after Ken decided to step away from the daily news feed.

John has been the center of some of the most sensational headlines in news, from being responsible for dethroning two governors, to the three-strikes law, there’s Scott Peterson, OJ Simpson, and dozens of stories they have single-handedly turned into headline news. And I’ve had a front row seat, meeting John the very month he started with Ken in Atlantic City, thinking he was part nuts and part genius. How did he get this way? And how did he become one of the most successful hosts in history of radio after starting in a small town in Pennsylvania, not making enough money to afford a phone or even an apartment. Those were crazy times, and I remember them fondly, watching John and Ken rise to fame in front of the Trenton, NJ state Capitol complaining about taxing toilet paper.

There’s a lot to talk about here. And I’m thrilled to have John talk about his success, his philosophy, his Polish upbringing, and of course meeting me.
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