Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Uslander Co-Founders, Empowered Endings

Making end-of-life decisions can seem scary, and often patients and family members put it off – until it’s too late. And this includes passing with dignity, medical and emotional support for the patient and also family members.

Dr. Bob Uslander spent over 25 years as an emergency medical physician, and he identified a need to help dying patients plan their transition peacefully so that they and their loved ones feel calm and supported. He and his wife, Elizabeth, a medical social worker and spiritual counselor, work together and formed Empowered Endings together.

Please welcome Dr. and Mrs. Uslander to our program, who really got me thinking about this. We ask them the difference between what they do and hospice, we also discuss medically-induced end-of-life options, and other concerns. We talk about the health care system, and how they want to get more specialists from the medical field involved in this critically important phase in a patient’s life.

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Rick Caruso, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Rick Caruso has become a household name, known as a mega-successful real-estate developer, philanthropist, and former LA mayoral candidate, but I know him as the family man who has Sunday dinners with his family, no matter what’s going on. And he credits much of that to his strong Italian roots.

Please join me in welcoming Rick to our show, where we’ll talk about some little-known facts about the man behind some of THE most successful retail shopping centers in the country. Did you know #TheGroveLA attracts more visitors each year than Disneyland? What’s his secret sauce? We’ll talk about that. How did a man who started out in the parking lot business make the move into retail development? And how did his traditional, Italian upbringing play a part in it all, being the grandson of Italian immigrants from Calabria who made their way to the coal mines in Pennsylvania before moving to California? We talk about that, too.

Rick says he learns as much from what does work from what doesn’t. And that’s a big part of his success. And philanthropy. Providing opportunities to others has been a big part of his DNA long before running for public office. He and his wife, Tina, impart that on their four children, too. It seems to drive him.

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