Marianna Gatto, Taste of Italy & Founder,Italian American Museum of Los Angeles

Taste of Italy is back! Join us in DTLA on Sept. 23 for THE premiere Italian Food and Wine event in Los Angeles, featuring award-winning restaurants & wineries, fantastic LIVE entertainment, and some celeb guests, too! This is on of my favorite events in LA all year!

Today, we speak with Taste of Italy creator and founder of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, Marianna Gatto, telling us all about this upscale food and wine tasting event, which also benefits arts and educational programming for youth at #IAMLA.

According to Marianna, #TasteOfItaly provides an opportunity to connect with some of SoCal’s most interesting, well-traveled, cross-cultural audiences, including philanthropists, celebs, influencers, and dignitaries. Not to mention some of the top restaurants and award-winning wines in the world. Tickets available at

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Addi Somekh, International Balloon Hat Maker

Meet Addi Somekh, a self-taught balloon artist who has been twisting balloons around the globe for over 30 years, and I’m honored to welcome him to our show.

In addition to creating large-scale balloon sculptures, flowers, hats, and just about anything you can think of, Addi also wrote, “Inflatable Planet,” along with Charles Eckert, which is a stunning photographic portrait of his many travels around the globe where he’s delighted generations of people with his balloon art.

Addi is also is a university philosophy instructor and musician. He joins us to not just talk about his work, but also his beliefs in the universal power of joy and laughter, which his balloon art has brought to so many around the world.

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John Frank Levey, Casting Director and Author, “Right for the Role”

During this down time with the SAG/AFTRA & Writers Guild strike, many actors and writers are honing their skills so they can come back stronger than ever. Please welcome John Frank Levey to our show, four-time Emmy-winning casting director and author, “Right For The Role,“ who joins us to talk about tricks of the trade and how to stand out when auditioning for any role.

John has cast for some of TV’s most iconic shows, including ER, The West Wing, Shameless, China Beach, in addition to dozens of TV series and movies, video games, feature films, digital series, and more, so he knows what studios are looking for. And even though the business may be changing with AI and other technologies, good acting can never be replicated.

John’s book isn’t just for folks in the business. It’s for anyone looking to present his or her best when preparing for an interview or even walking into a room. And he’s got LOTS of stories from his many years in the business, so you won’t want to miss this.

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James E. Cottrell, Author, “Anesthesia Without Fear”

Ever wonder what happens when you go under anesthesia? Then you must listen to our interview with Dr. James Cottrell, author, “Anesthesia Without Fear,” because he’s got a lot to share with us.

There’s no fear here. It’s about knowing the different types of anesthesia depending on your surgery, because not all anesthesia is created equal. There’s also lots you can do to prepare for surgery, and Dr. Cottrell talks about that, too, in addition to what questions to ask your anesthesiologist before undergoing the knife. What about emergency surgery, and the differences between heart surgery and the type of
anesthesia needed for child birth, natural or C-section? And what about other plastic surgery?

There’s a LOT to cover, so tune in and join the conversation. You can find our full interview on all video and audio platforms of #DeborahKobyltLIVE.

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Robin LaMonte, Influencers of Midlife

Please join me in discussing a very exciting conference taking place Sept 28 – Oct 01 in Vegas – Influencers of Midlife Summit!

Ladies (and gentlemen), this is for those of us mid-life and beyond, talking about everything from money management to health, divorce, wills, new job opportunities, how to maximize social media and job trends, podcasting, AI, and more. I’ll be speaking with social media influencer and the creator of the Summit, Robin LaMonte, who will walk us through what’s going to be happening during this fun and
informative weekend. There’s already a panel of dynamic speakers in place, and I’ll be interviewing our Keynote Speaker – Cristina Ferrare, model, actress, author, and talk show host. And she’s got a LOT to share.

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