Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Jordan Matthews

Jordan Matthews is a high-profile attorney, former actor, and author, “Failure: When You Have Nothing, You Have Everything,” and this book may have very well changed my life.

Jordan speaks very personally about grief and tragic personal events, interwoven into an incredibly successful professional career, and he talks about failure, a lot, and how it’s actually failure in life that brings on clarity. It’s nearly impossible to spot as hard times are happening to us, but they really are lessons to bring us to the next level, whatever that may be.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Lauren Duke

Sometimes, life can be one big SHiTHOUSE, and that’s the title of Lauren Dollie Duke’s book, and this is one fascinating “I can’t put this down” read.

Lauren is a healer, educator, community activist, and writer who talks about recovery from generational trauma, because she’s been through it with her alcoholic mother and bank-robbing father. Oh, and that’s just the beginning.

She talks about the day she decided to be proactive in her healing from trauma, and what she did to get there. It wasn’t easy, but she’s done it, and her book is an inspiration to all of us on how we can cut the chord to generational trauma, too.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Joe Farruggio

Please welcome to our show famed pizza maker, entrepreneur, restauranteur, and author, Joe Farruggio, whose pizzas in the Georgetown section of DC are a favorite with some very famous residents in the White House to movie stars like Harrison Ford (who also played a U.S. President in one of his films).

Joe’s journey from Sicily is a story to be told, and he did just that in his book, “My Name Is Joe, And I Am A Pizza Man.” This is a terrific read about a man not shy to admit some mistakes, but also celebrate how each step led to his tremendous success, from his Il Canale and 90 Second restaurants, along with A Modo Mio, meaning “My Way,” and Joe wouldn’t have it any other way.

We speak with Joe about family, belief in self, and keeping things simple to keep customers coming back. We also talk about his Italian upbringing and his trip on the Michelangelo ship from Italy was a life changing moment for him.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Joe Tutino

On our #LittleItalyPodcast today, we speak with the longtime play-by-play voice of The Galaxy, Joe Tutino.

Joe grew up in San Diego, the son of Italian immigrant parents. He played soccer as a kid, and realized the way to stay in the sport was to become an announcer. And that’s just what he did, taking a number of radio and writing jobs along the way. But in this business, that’s what you do. Jobs where you get them, take the opportunity, get better, get noticed. And Joe has definitely been noticed.

We speak with Joe about his Italian upbringing, and the influences it had on his life growing up. We also talk about sports, discipline, and what it takes to get in the business.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Ava Kaufman and K.B. Hill (Shark Heart)

Please welcome to our show, K.B. Hill with Ava Kaufman, authors of “Shark Heart.” This is an amazing book, a true story about Ava’s life, and death, starting when she died at her home, was revived in the ambulance, put into a coma for two months, and eventually received a heart transplant. But that’s where the story begins.

When Ava was strong enough, she made it her mission to help others in a similar situation, and founded Ava’s Heart, which funds housing and costs for patients in dire need of a heart transplant. In this book, we hear from many of the people Ava has helped. Let’s just say these stories will tug at your heart.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Deborah Levine Herman

Deborah Levine Herman is a best-selling author of thirteen books, a spiritual healer, mystic, former literary agent, lawyer, animal communicator, and the list goes on. Today, she joins us to talk about her book, “Spiritual Writing, From Inspiration To Publication.”

Deborah explains how spiritual writers are drawn to the writing process by a powerful sense of mission and desire to share their experiences with the world. But that doesn’t always ensure being published. Her book provides specific guidelines for navigating ever-changing publishing protocols, including how to use technology to find readers.

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