Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Jane Velez-Mitchell and Simone Reyes

Please welcome to our show, award-winning TV journalist/author Jane Velez-Mitchell, and acclaimed singer/author/actress Simone Reyes, discussing their much-talked-about mini-series, “Pig Little Lies.”

The series recently debuted on UnchainedTV, and stars Dante and Beatrice, two abandoned potbellied pigs who find themselves marked for death at a high-kill shelter in SoCal until Simone finds a home for them with wildlife rehab expert Cindy Brady. And that’s just where the story begins. “Pig Little Lies” is filled with plenty of drama and suspense, and clearly has a message to tell, and we speak with Jane and Simone about that.

I’m addition, we talk about #UnchainedTV. a free global streaming network promoting a healthier, more environmentally sustainable, lifestyle through its programming. We’ll also speak with Jane about her incredible career as a world-renowned journalist, and Simone about her incredible career. Our show streams LIVE on all video and audio channels.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Reena Vokoun

Reena Vokoun has done what so many of us have only dreamed about. She left her high-powered job at #Google and followed her heart with something close to her heart. She founded Passion Fit, a health, wellness, and fitness company that teaches healthy habits to everyone from corporate types to moms.

Reena is a TEDx speaker and silver-metalist in the ESPN National Fitness Championships. She’s a mom of two, married, and has written about the many ups and downs in her life, “The Wellness-Empowered Woman, Living A Passion Fit Life To Elevate Your Health, Happiness, Family, And Career.” Her story was deeply inspiring to me, because while she might look like she’s got it all, it sure hasn’t been easy to get to where she is. It took guts.

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