Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Katie Beecher

“Heal From Within,” by author Katie Beecher, is a fantastic guidebook to help us heal from past and present traumas by practicing intuitive wellness.

Katie is a licensed counselor and medical intuitive, helping clients heal from eating disorders, autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety, trauma and more. In our interview, we’ll talk about her approach to helping clients recover from issues that have plagued them much of their lives. She’ll also help us learn how to heal.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Su Oh

Please welcome to our show today, Su Oh, Senior VP of Education, Exhibitions, and Community Engagement at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, currently showcasing the amazing #JaneGoodall exhibit, “Becoming Jane.”

I’ve admired Ms. Goodall my entire life, for her kindness, foresight in knowing all beings are related, her research, and of course her work as a woman in a field that often didn’t consider women in prominent roles. Jane changed all that. The #BecomingJane exhibit runs now through April, and features so much, from Jane’s research notes from the field, her pop-up accommodations, photos, never-before-seen footage from her time researching chimpanzees, stories about her childhood, and so much more, and we’ll talk about that.

We will also speak with Su about her work at the Museum, including working with schools, updating the outdoor-indoor experience at the Museum, the sold-out First Fridays seasons, Summer Nights in the Garden, Dino Fest, and more. And that’s a lot, especially without a dino-sized budget.

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