Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Camille Hardman and Gary and Larry Lane

If you LOVED the iconic film, 9 to 5, stay tuned as we discuss the upcoming World Premiere of the documentary, STILL WORKING 9 TO 5, featuring #DollyParton, #JaneFonda, #LilyTomlin, and #DabneyColeman.

The film premieres at the SXSW 2022 next month, and talks about how workplace inequality is still happening since the original comedy was released in 1980, and we have a front row seat speaking with director/producer Camille Hardman & director, exec producers Gary and Larry Lane, and yes, they are twins.

The film 9 to 5 has taken its place in American history as a beloved comedy with a serious subject matter. Multiple generations know every lyric to the iconic theme song that has become an anthem for working women everywhere who seek fairness, equality and dignity from their male counterparts. After more than 40 years, the feature documentary Still Working 9 to 5 celebrates the iconic film, while chronicling the important impact it’s had on a women’s movement that continues today. It reunites stars Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dabney Coleman from original 9 to 5 film, as well as #RitaMoreno from the 9 to 5 TV series, #AllisonJanney from the #Broadway musical, and other stars from the television and stage versions of the classic film. Also featured are activists and individuals closely associated with the women’s movement both now and then. And a major treat, the film introduces new music by Dolly Parton!!

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Monica Parker

Please welcome to our show #MonicaParker, author, actress, inspirational speaker, and high wire walker. And today, she joins us to talk about life and her latest book, “Oops, I Forgot To Save Money, And It Turns Out I’m Not Alone.”

Monica has led a life full of unexpected turns, like most of us, but she points out, “Everyone wants us to change. I want us to make the most of what we already have.” Good point.

We’ll talk about her latest book, her advocacy for women in arts, in addition to her successful acting career and prior books, including, “Getting Waisted. A Survival Guide To Being Fat In A Society That LOVES THIN.”

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