Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Mark K Shriver

How did you spend this past weekend? I spent mine with books, fascinating authors, and inspiring stories from the 2021 #Bookfest, and was honored to interview #MarkKShriver about his third book, “10 Hidden Heros.”

For a man who’s grown up with many advantages, he’s taken lessons from his parents, #EuniceKennedyShriver and #SargentShriver, and tried to do good with them, writing about their positive influence of #giving, and strong message of #faith.

Please enjoy our full interview with Mark, where he’s quite transparent about his life, his siblings, and his work with the #ChildrensActionNetwork. We also discuss his first book about his dad, “A Good Man,” in addition to his book about the life of Pope Francis, “Pilgrimage.”

Thank you to #BooksThatMakeYou for including me in this wonderful weekend of authors, writers, and their books. I encourage you to check them out as well.