Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Mary Dixie Carter

Please welcome #MaryDixieCarter, author, “The Photographer,” to our show today. When I first spoke with Mary by phone, we connected right away. A mom, journalist, and writer, she is deeply curious. I found #ThePhotographer fascinating because Mary Dixie got the idea to write this book after a real-life photo shoot with her daughters, and what transpired after that brought up thoughts that so many of us have, like being accepted, the many expectations of women in society, and just how far would we go to fit in? And we get into all of that on our show.

As an aside, Mary Dixie is the daughter of one of my favorite actresses, #DixieCarter of #DesigningWomen,
and step daughter to #HalHolbrook. Let’s just say there’s A LOT to talk about in our interview, so please join us for this fascinating conversation, and leave any questions here, too. LIVE on all video and audio platforms.

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