Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Dr. Nancy Lee

The dating pool can feel more like drowning than a relaxing swim. But don’t fear because Dr. Nancy Lee is here! You NEED, and I can’t stress this enough, her book Don’t Sleep With Him Yet. It’s the harsh truth you don’t want to hear, but the only way your next relationship is going to be a successful one. It’s blunt advice with real results! We’re chatting about the secrets in the book to a healthy relationship that will make you fill your Amazon cart with copies for you and your friends or rush to the nearest bookstore! It’s never too late to build the foundation for your perfect relationship. You can have your maid of honor thank the doctor in her speech at your wedding!

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Joely Fisher

Want to know what it’s like to live in a Hollywood home? The fantastic Joely Fisher is telling ALL today right here on Deborah Kobylt LIVE! Actress, author, singer, mother, director, and daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens! And you know her half sister in Star Wars royalty Carrie Fisher. We are talking all about her book Growing Up Fisher and how she’s bringing it LIVE to the stage! She’s hilarious, outspoken, creative, and honest. It’s always a pleasure to have this incredible and inspiring woman on the show. We are talking all about her crazy life, being a mother, Ellen DeGeneres, and her work with one of my favorite organizations Ava’s Heart! You fall in love with Joely, I promise you that!

Deborah Kobylt LIVE: John Kobylt

Stay up to date on the most recent events in the news with John Kobylt – Host of #TheJohnandKenShow on #KFIAM640. We are touching on all the biggest headlines this week! There’s the #presidentialrace coming up in #2020, the problem with assault weapons and gun control, and the crazy story of #JeffreyEpstein. Keep yourself up to date on what’s happening around the world On Deborah Kobylt LIVE!