Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Susana Porras

Imaging walking 500 miles in just 32 days…

That’s exactly what writer and community organizer, Susana Porras did, when she decided to venture into something bold in her mid-life. Susana called upon her 73-year-old dad in Guatemala to walk the 500-mile pilgrimage over Camino de Santiago, and she wrote about it every night in her journal while on the trek, turned her writings and poetry into this beautiful book, To Compostela and Beyond, A Poet’s Chronicle of the Camino de Santiago.

The words in each page are so thoughtful and insightful, it’s as though the reader is taking the journey with Susana and her dad, Tomasa. She said the life-lessons learned about herself while taking the long journey, along with the bond forever forged with her father, is something that can barely be described, except through her poetry.

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Margie Smith Holt

Please welcome to our show, Margie Smith Holt, who did something almost imaginable. She sailed across the Atlantic – twice – in a hand-made, 30-foot boat, only just having learned to sail, with one crew member. Talk about your mid-life regroup!

Margie is my long-time friend, an Emmy-winning journalist whose first book, Not On Any Map, One Virgin Island, Two Catastrophic Hurricanes, And The True Meaning Of Paradise, is a MUST read!

Margie was working as a reporter in Philadelphia when her life came crashing down at the age of 40. The man of her dreams decided to leave to seek the “glamour” of being a war correspondent, and suddenly she looked around and didn’t see a future where she was.

A vacation to St. John changed all of that, turning what was supposed to be a few weeks into something life changing for Margie. In between, she also battled cancer, and recovered. And I thought Margie was the quiet, demure type when we worked together.

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